F. A. Q. 


Q: What are the ingredients in your soap?

A: Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Castor Oil. Those are the main ingredients, and each soap will have a variation of fragrances, colorants and additives. Each soap will have it's individual ingredient list on its packaging. If you have any questions about the ingredients, please send us an email at info@rosechishop.com or go to our contact page here

Q: How do I make my bar of soap last longer? 

A: In order to get your bar of soap to last longer, it is best to use a soap dish that can drain. It is best to make sure your bar of soap does not sit in puddles of water. You want to keep your bar of soap as dry as possible in between uses!

Q: Do you offer Returns, Exchanges, or refunds?

A: We do NOT offer returns, exchanges, or refunds on our products due to the sanitation and integrity of them. We understand the difficulty in ordering scented items online, for that reason, we have listed the fragrance notes and ingredient list to give you an idea of the scent of the product. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at the contact page here. 

Q: Where is my order?  

A: If you still have not received your order, first check your tracking number that was sent to your email. If you cannot locate your tracking number, please send us message and we can provide that to you. Please remember the processing times for orders to be shipped out is 2-4 business days. Due to Covid-19, shipping times may be delayed. If you have questions about your order, please sent us a message on the contact page here!

Q: I have a question about one of the ingredients, how can I reach out? 

A: Any and all questions can be asked on the contact page here. Or you can send us an email at info@rosechicshop.com.